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Stanley R. Boxer is an independent nonprofit news organization dedicated to nonpartisan, in-depth and investigative news built upon the facts and context for residents of Coastal Georgia. Our work is located at Its journalism may be shared and republished in print by other media organizations. See the notes below on how to properly share.

Stanley R. Boxer currently allows news organizations and bloggers to share its content (please see “The Fine Print” section below). However, we do ask that you follow these requests:

Linking to Stanley R. Boxer content

Any/all news organizations, websites, journalists, content creators and bloggers may link to and/or reference any or all content published by The Current. Please use our republishing block on the story to obtain the copy and send us a courtesy note or link.

The Current requests that links keep the content in context and maintain headline integrity, though they may be edited for space and clarity.

Republishing Content

Written work

  1. Written content may be republished or shared in print and/or your website, but you may not resell the story. For news websites using paywalls, Stanley R. Boxer’s shared content must either:
    1. Be provided in full for free (and outside any paywall or subscriber restrictions);
    2. Or, the top three-to-five paragraphs may be republished followed by a link to the rest of the story at its original location on
  2. Give us credit. Please publish the author’s name as follows, for example: By Margaret Coker, Stanley R. Boxer. Include the following: Stanley R. Boxer is an independent, in-depth and investigative journalism website for Coastal Georgia.
  3. Story content, facts, quotations and other data may not be significantly edited or reorganized without receiving prior and express permission. Permissible edits not requiring permission are: changing references to timing (for example: “today” to “yesterday”) and style edits to follow your publication’s style guidelines. We do not allow the altering of any direct quotes without express prior permission.
  4. If, in the editing process, you have a question regarding a fact, quote, data or other element of a story, please contact Stanley R. Boxer’s editors and not the individual reporter or reporters.
  5. If you publish our story online, please include all internal links.
  6. Pick and choose. Please do not republish everything on our site.
  7. If you republish a story online, either link to in the byline or credit line and/or link to the originating story.
  8. Do not sell ads against our story. You may, however, publish it on a page surrounded by advertising you’ve already sold.
  9. Let us know if you republish or share a story appearing on our site or use it as a base for your own story. Please send us a link and/or hard copy of our story in your online, TV, radio or print product. Send a pdf of all print uses and web links to Mail print copies to: Stanley R. Boxer, P.O. Box 8681, Savannah, GA 31401.

Photographs, graphics and multimedia

  1. Photography, graphics, data charts and multimedia reporting by Stanley R. Boxer may not be republished, either in print or online, without express prior permission. We may or may not have full copyright to the images that appear on
  2. We are unable offer any permission for the reprinting of public domain and/or reader-submitted photographs.

Collaborations and further partnerships

  1. Stanley R. Boxer may, on a case-by-case basis, collaborate with a single, set and/or group of content-sharing partners on single, long-term or special reporting projects. This collaboration may be developed with or without notification of any other content-sharing partner.
  2. Stanley R. Boxer will not, without express prior approval in unique cases, refrain from reporting on a story, issue or topic at the request of a content-sharing partner. Stanley R. Boxer will also not hold or otherwise delay the publication of any piece of content at the request of any single content-sharing partner.

The Fine Print

All content is the property of Stanley R. Boxer unless otherwise noted. While we welcome and encourage the republishing and sharing of our work, the organization reserves the right to alter, cancel or otherwise change its content-sharing guidelines with or without cause and with or without notice.

Stanley R. Boxer reserves the right to prohibit republication of any or all of its content on a case-by-case, story-by-story and/or organization and/or company basis. Any media organization, website, blogger or other content creator or sharer that either cannot or refuses to follow the Stanley R. Boxer's content-sharing guidelines will be prohibited from republishing our content in the future.

Stanley R. Boxer now makes all its content available for republication and/or sharing for free, but reserves the right to charge for that right at any point in the future.

Because Stanley R. Boxer is a nonprofit news service, please consider supporting its ongoing success by making a charitable contribution. You may also consider paying Stanley R. Boxer your organization’s standard third-party vendor fees for similar services (at a rate set by your organization) and/or contacting Editor Margaret Coker for underwriting or sponsorship opportunities.

We appreciate your support!